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It's Welcome to the Rileys Friday!

Let's all support Kristen and watch Welcome to the Rileys today!

 "She just gets better at bringing a naked vulnerability to her performances" -
LA Times
Stewart is "a captivating blend of fragility and strength" - Journal Times
'Welcome to the Rileys is "a compelling, character-driven drama" - The Wrap
"Kristen Stewart shows serious acting chops in Welcome to the Rileys" - E!
"Welcome to the Rileys is a gentle, well-acted picture...a small movie with a big idea at its core: Kindness..." - Movieline
"Stewart in what may be her best performance yet..." - Fandango
"This film is beyond words. Powerful, moving, inspiring. Kristen was ROCK solid!! This is a revelation role for Kristen.The entire cast delivers brilliantly" - PattinsonStew (lol but true)

(click for full size)

You can also visit Fandango to check for movie times in your city!



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Oct. 29th, 2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
The more I read and the more clips I see, the more jealous I am of everyone who can see WTTR- this weekend or at all! Really really want a UK release.
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