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Make-Up Muse: Kristen Stewart


Ruby red lips, dark smokey eyes and a lifted hairdo meant Kristen Stewart dazzled on the carpet for the screening of her latest movie, Welcome To The Rileys. A world away from the grounded lo-fi of Adventureland and the teen gothic glamour of Twilight, Kristen's new look is much more lifted, much more refined and a lot less grunge than we're used to.

Blessed with a perfect but pale complexion Kristen keeps the base natural and the details well defined. As the contrast between the eyes and lips are really what does the work here the effect is calm and sophisticated without being too cold or flat.

As this is much more of a red carpet look than we're used to from Kristen her sharp ruby lips are the real touch that brings out the glamour.

The hair is lifted enough but not too much and though you wouldn't know from the photos we are reliably informed the nail polish is jet black and very, very matte. As refined as it is you can take the girl out of Twilight but not the Twilight out of the girl? We love this look ! 


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