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On the "Rileys" red carpet Monday, James Woods told us that "An American Girl," in which Stewart is set to star, is gearing up to shoot in 2011. "She's been committed to it for two years now, and we're just about ready to go now in the spring," he told MTV News.

Woods is directing the film, based on a script by Tom Metcalfe ("The Haunting in Connecticut"). The film follows a high school grad who's unknowingly recorded having sex and who joins the Marines to escape the humiliation.

Though Stewart had not yet become a breakout star in Hollywood at the time, Woods said he eyed her for the role based on advice from Sean Penn and Dennis Quaid, both of whom had worked with her on previous films. Woods' casting director tried to talk him into casting another actress, but he was adamant. "She's the one I want. She's it," he recalled telling the casting director.

"Her insight into the script was so perceptive and prescient as it turns out that I was overwhelmed with what a true professional and what a true artist she was, beyond her talent," he explained. "She's got a real brain for script analysis. She's just been totally devoted throughout all this fame. It's never dented her at all. She's been terrific from day one up until this very minute."

Despite that fame that has enveloped her since "Twilight" hit theaters in late 2008 — and despite all the roles that have come her way — Stewart remained committed to "American Girl." Woods, for one, expected nothing less from the young actress.

"She has been steadfast and true in her commitment, which did not surprise me, because when I started working with her on the script," he said, "she was so insightful."
mtvnews | thanks @Nhess_V for the heads up :)

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