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Pattinsonstew nomo!

I've been fearing this for a while and I've reached the point of no return. It pains me, but I have to quit Pattinsonstew. As you have probably noticed, posting and "keeping up" has become almost impossible as of late. Since the clock turned 2011, my life has been filled with excitement but at the same time with a lot, A LOT of work. I travel more that I'd like to and time zones kill me! When I do get a "break", I'm just literally too exhausted to cope with life (seriously!).

Following Rob and Kristen has been my escape from reality for the past 2 years and I've loved every minute of it. But it's also a lot of work, work that requires time that I no longer have and I'm just not comfortable not being able to give as much as I use to. I feel there are better communities, better sites and better bloggers doing a MUCH better job and I would rather support them than continue *trying* to run things here. 

This by no way means I'm done keeping up with Rob and Kristen...heck no! I'll still continue to support them as much as I can. I'll linger around
Twitter every now and then to fangirl when I can and to share or RT what I find interesting. But as far as posting here and dedicating to blogging...I simply can't do it anymore :( Hope you all understand. The community will continue to exist so that people can still look through our archives and snag whatever they find useful.

A million thanks for supporting us, for commenting on our posts and for caring enough to stop by if you were a casual visitor. I truly appreciate all of you and wish you all the best. 

Here's a short list of communities/sites/blogs we truly admire and which I'm certain will meet your Rob and Kristen needs:

[info]kstewartfans [info]rpattzdaily [info]twilightxchange [info]pattinsonlife [info]fiercebitchstew

I must pack up and go now...thanks, thanks & thanks!
Tags: the last goodbye
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