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Roger Ebert names the 'Best Art Films' of 2010


Roger Ebert for the win! I don't think any other film critic has been as gracious about Kristen's performances as he has. He's praised her acting time after time after time

Here's a brief excerpt of why he picked The Yellow Handkerchief as one of 2010's 'Best Art' films:

The criteria
"These are films based on the close observation of behavior. They are not mechanical constructions of infinitesimal thrills. They depend on intelligence and empathy to be appreciated. They also require acting of a precision not necessary in many mass entertainments. They require directors with a clear idea of complex purposes. They require subtleties of lighting and sound that create a self-contained world. Most of all, they require sympathy"

Why The Yellow Handkerchief?
"We now have the makings of a classic road picture. Three outsiders, a fabled destination, Louisiana back roads and a big old convertible. William Hurt occupies the silent center of the film. In many movies we interpret his reticence as masking intelligence. Here we realize it's a blank slate, and could be masking anything. Kristen Stewart is a wonderful actress. I must not hold the "Twilight" movies against her. In recent film after film, she shows a sure hand and an intrinsic power.  I last saw her in "Welcome to the Rileys," where she played a runaway working as a hooker in New Orleans. In both films she had many scenes with experienced older actors (Hurt, James Gandolfini). In both she was rock solid"

Chicago Sun-Times!

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