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Breaking Dawn: Scoop from the set in Baton Rouge

From NessieMackenzie: The cast is expected to move to Vancouver, Canada in February to end with the shooting of both movies (Breaking Dawn part I & Breaking Dawn part II). Yes, they’re filming BD part I and part II at the same time.

“They shoot the battle, then it’s the end, then another love scene. And that’s how it goes. Part I, part II. Part I, part II. Only interiors, though” Says our on-set source.

We’re guessing they’re shooting both films at the same time to avoid any kind of problems with their ages/look. But our source say“It’s also a post-production matter. It’ll be easier for them to edit the whole thing at the same time “

About the cast: “They’re having a great time on set. They’re not only working, but having fun with friends. Lots of private parties, movies and jokes...It’s like a huge family. Robert walks on set like ‘Where’s my daughter?’ (referring to Mackenzie). He’s really funny”

Aww Rob why so cute? :)

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