April 3rd, 2011

WFE Press Junket Pics & Vids

Is there any peanut left for Tai? ;) ::
with Rob Pattinson talking about #WFE -She is an amazing actress! - amayamario

Rob and Tai - JUST PRECIOUS!

During sit down with Screenslam

"Just interviewed Robert Pattinson...absolutely hilarious dude!
We talked about pick-up lines in the club!" - bdkreviews

"Robert talks elephants and having a tan! Stay tune for full interview" - tara3tv

"Robert's mom kept pics of her son with Tai" - tara3tv

"Had incredible conversation w/Robert Pattinson will upload all of my WFE interviews later tonight!" - JakesTakes

Interview w/PopSugar

The actor sat down to chat about the pressures of bringing beloved book characters to the big screen and the real life risks he has taken for romance. Robert also spoke about what he learned from costar Reese Witherspoon, who met our I'm A Huge Fan winner this morning too! When it comes to Breaking Dawn, he says he's particularly excited for fans to see the honeymoon scenes where Edward and Bella finally get to act like a normal, happy couple. He also has a special message to whoever leaked the images from the final Twilight installment — PopSugar

Interview w/Screenslam

Interview w/Golden Globes (aww Tai)

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