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09:23 am: kstewrobfans Summit confirms leaked 'Breaking Dawn' photos are legit
09:35 am: kstewrobfans Italian WFE Trailer Features New Scenes
11:08 am: kstewrobfans 'On The Road' featured in Cine Premiere (Mexico)
10:46 pm: kstewrobfans Where Rob and Reese will be seating & what they'll present at Sunday's Academy Country Music Awards
11:15 pm: kstewrobfans Another BTS look at WFE from Entertainment Tonight (new)
11:33 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn cast members arrive in Canada in anticipation of "Wedding Scene"
06:20 pm: kstewrobfans Reese impressed by Rob's stealthiness at avoiding the paparazzi
06:32 pm: kstewrobfans Rob on the cover of Esquire (Greece)
12:13 pm: kstewrobfans WFE Press Junket Pics & Vids
12:52 pm: kstewrobfans WFE mention in Harper's Bazaar (Russia)
01:52 pm: kstewrobfans Picture of the Week!
02:43 pm: kstewrobfans Academy of Country Music Awards
08:51 am: kstewrobfans Jamie Campbell Bower says Kristen is great as a vampire
11:46 am: kstewrobfans New WFE Stills
11:54 am: kstewrobfans Hungarian WFE Movie Poster + German TV Spots w/New Scene
01:33 pm: kstewrobfans ET Flashback: First Interview w/Rob
03:03 pm: kstewrobfans WFE Press Junket: All pics (so far!)
06:46 pm: kstewrobfans New WFE Clip 'The Way Elephants Flirt'
07:15 pm: kstewrobfans ITN | Kristen Stewart confirmed as Snow White
08:45 pm: kstewrobfans WFE given a PG-13 rating
09:06 pm: kstewrobfans Academy of Country Music Awards: pics & videos (round-up!)
09:12 pm: kstewrobfans Old Eclipse Promo/Premiere Pics Now In HQ
09:44 pm: kstewrobfans Best Movie Magazine Scans
10:25 pm: dizzymsslzzie 218 HD screencaps from "Water for Elephants" clip - Way Elephants flirt
12:03 pm: kstewrobfans Sightings: Rob relaxes at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood
12:08 pm: kstewrobfans Lily Collins says Kristen is an actress she admires
12:16 pm: kstewrobfans Latin America WFE TV Spot
12:23 pm: kstewrobfans Us Weekly | 10 Best Makeovers of the Year
04:43 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn Update: Wedding Bells for Bella and Edward?
05:43 pm: kstewrobfans New WFE Stills
05:47 pm: kstewrobfans Rob to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly on April 18
08:46 am: kstewrobfans HBO First Look at 'Water for Elephants'
08:53 am: kstewrobfans Rob featured in the May issue of ELLE - scan + interview
08:59 am: kstewrobfans WFE featurette from MakingOf
09:13 am: kstewrobfans Guess who's back on The Ellen Show April 20th?
09:21 am: kstewrobfans More casting for 'Cosmopolis'
09:39 am: kstewrobfans Latest on 'Snow White' - 1 comment
10:36 am: kstewrobfans All WFE Clips [HD]
10:43 am: kstewrobfans The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide: Bella in her wedding dress
11:11 am: kstewrobfans People | Most Beautiful of 2011
01:38 pm: kstewrobfans Uma Thurman talks 'Bel Ami' with Collider
06:56 pm: kstewrobfans Rob to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 20
07:11 pm: kstewrobfans New WFE Swedish Trailer Features New Scenes
10:15 am: kstewrobfans Christoph Waltz on Robert Pattinson – “I Admire Him”
10:20 am: kstewrobfans The Insider | Kristen Stewart Fashion Time Warp
10:30 am: kstewrobfans Spanish 'Breaking Dawn' Teaser Poster
10:44 am: kstewrobfans Rob interview w/Madame Le Figaro (France)
11:21 am: kstewrobfans WTTR obtains Milan Film Festival nominations - including Best Actress (Kristen)
03:17 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' - 2 comments
03:59 pm: kstewrobfans 2 New 'Welcome to the Rileys' Stills
07:55 pm: kstewrobfans Rob scheduled to appear on 'The Today Show' on April 18
08:09 pm: kstewrobfans Celebrities Related to Royalty - 3 comments
08:13 pm: kstewrobfans More of Rob's interview w/MTV's The Seven
08:18 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen Photo Teen Vogue Photoshoot '08
08:39 pm: kstewrobfans THR | Hollywood's New Leading Ladies
11:15 am: kstewrobfans Happy Birthday Kristen!!
11:25 am: kstewrobfans WFE featured in Total Film magazine - June 2011
11:30 am: kstewrobfans Preview of Rob's interview w/CNN
01:46 pm: kstewrobfans Autographed shirt by Rob up for auction to support Japan earthquake relief
02:43 pm: kstewrobfans 'Breaking Dawn' wrap party & joint?! Kristen birthday celebration last night - 1 comment
10:20 am: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson infatuated with his flirty 9,000-pound co-star (new interview)
10:24 am: kstewrobfans Rob talks to VOGUE about Reese
10:35 am: kstewrobfans Reese and Rob talk height differences in WFE
11:02 am: kstewrobfans Kristen interview featured in ON! magazine (Italy)
04:40 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephant' special to air on Fox Movie channel on Sunday!
04:45 pm: kstewrobfans AUDIO: Rob hopes his fans love him in WFE!
04:56 pm: kstewrobfans Rob, Kristen a bike...you know the deal! - 2 comments
10:16 am: kstewrobfans Details on Kristen's 21st Birthday celebration
10:23 am: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob and Kristen Pics
04:16 pm: kstewrobfans 'Welcome to the Rileys' poster featured in Preview magazine (The Netherlands)
04:26 pm: kstewrobfans New WFE Press Junket Interviews
04:29 pm: kstewrobfans New pics from the InStyle Golden Globes after-party
09:18 am: kstewrobfans New WFE Clip + Still
09:25 am: kstewrobfans Taylor talks about Kristen during MTV inteview
09:31 am: kstewrobfans WFE editor talks about the film, mentions Rob
09:39 am: kstewrobfans Latest on Snow White
09:44 am: kstewrobfans Emma Roberts talks about the Vanity Fair cover she shot with Blake, Kristen & Amanda
09:57 am: kstewrobfans Diablo Cody tweets about Kristen & The Runaways
10:25 am: kstewrobfans Kristen in GLAMOUR mag (Russia)
10:32 am: kstewrobfans WFE costume designer says Rob loved his period clothing! - 1 comment
01:31 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn's Lisa Howard talks about working with Rob - 3 comments
04:05 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' premiere to stream live on MTV.com
07:04 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' New York Premiere - who was there and what went on at the after-party
07:07 pm: kstewrobfans Rob - all about the fans at the WFE New York premiere
07:18 pm: kstewrobfans Rob & Kristen at the WFE premiere - the pics & vids
07:23 pm: kstewrobfans New ELLE UK Outtakes
07:31 pm: kstewrobfans 'On The Road' Becomes a Movie at Last
07:40 pm: kstewrobfans Reese is waiting for her wedding present from Rob
07:47 pm: kstewrobfans Sightings: Kristen spotted on the set of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver yesterday
07:52 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob & Reese EW Outtakes
08:06 pm: kstewrobfans InStyle | Rob & Reese's On Set Style
08:13 pm: kstewrobfans Rob on The Ellen Show 4/20
10:29 am: kstewrobfans New WFE Stills
11:15 am: kstewrobfans Seventeen Mag talks to Rob at the WFE premiere
11:21 am: kstewrobfans Hal Holbrook on Rob - "He's a very modest young man"
03:03 pm: kstewrobfans Candids of Kristen leaving Vancouver this morning
03:20 pm: kstewrobfans WFE costumes on display at ArcLight theater in CA
06:06 pm: kstewrobfans More WFE press junket interviews
07:07 pm: kstewrobfans Audio: Rob interview with Sydney's Kyle & Jackie O
08:19 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn'
08:49 pm: kstewrobfans Peter Facinelli on the Breaking Dawn wedding scene - "Beautiful & Spectacular"
12:21 am: dizzymsslzzie 2379 Rob screencaps from Ellen Show
10:07 am: kstewrobfans Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/20 - 1 comment
12:08 pm: kstewrobfans Mark Povinelli (Kinko) talks about working with Rob in WFE
03:09 pm: kstewrobfans Rob WFE interview w/LA Times
03:24 pm: kstewrobfans A few more pics outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live - 2 comments
04:12 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' - What the critics are saying - 3 comments
04:16 pm: kstewrobfans Still shots of Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/20
07:20 pm: dizzymsslzzie 1740 HD screencaps with Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Show
09:07 pm: kstewrobfans Will Robert Pattinson's 'Twilight' Fans Show Up for 'Water For Elephants'?
09:22 pm: kstewrobfans New 'Water for Elephants' Clip - The Train
10:13 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob interview w/USA Today w/awesome pic & video - 1 comment
06:57 am: dizzymsslzzie 354 Rob screencaps from USA Today interview

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