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04:24 am: dizzymsslzzie 700 HD screencaps from NEW Water for Elephants trailer!*
07:03 pm: britneyrocks26 Water For Elephants New Trailer
08:34 am: jcs_daydreamer Holliday Granger Talks to InStyle UK About Robert and 'Bel Ami'
08:43 am: jcs_daydreamer 'Water for Elephants' NYC Premiere Location Revealed!
08:51 am: jcs_daydreamer International 'Water for Elephants' Promotional Merch - 1 comment
10:19 am: jcs_daydreamer 'On The Road' - Early Oscar 2012 Prediction
11:03 pm: dizzymsslzzie 3242 HQ Rob screencaps from Jay Leno Show - 2 comments
01:30 pm: jcs_daydreamer Cinemania (Mexico) Scans and Translation
03:39 pm: kstewrobfans Stephenie Meyer tells USA Today, Kristen "has created a new character"
03:55 pm: kstewrobfans Marketing hiccups with 'Bel Ami'? - 5 comments
04:08 pm: kstewrobfans Marcus talks about Rob's rendition of 'Let Me Sign'
09:20 am: kstewrobfans New 'Water for Elephants' Stills
09:29 am: kstewrobfans Stephenie M spills 'Breaking Dawn' details, mentions Rob & Kristen
10:04 am: kstewrobfans 2011 MTV Movie Awards - Select Rob & Kristen as nominees
10:26 am: kstewrobfans Italian WFE Promotional Images - 3 comments
10:33 am: kstewrobfans ET behind the scenes look at WFE + interviews w/Rob & Reese
11:58 am: kstewrobfans Who Wore It BEST?
12:56 pm: kstewrobfans Jamie Campbell Bower talks Breaking Dawn, mentions Rob & Kristen
01:29 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen to present at 'Kids Choice Awards'?
03:34 pm: kstewrobfans Latest Rob magazine interviews - scans + translations

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