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February 20th, 2011


News of Berlin (BZ-Berlin) is encouraging "Twilight fans" to mark their calendars, as April 27 Water for Elephants will have a premiere in Berlin with Rob, Christoph and Reese in attendance. The "red carpet" event will be held at the Sony Center in Berlin. ToR obtained email confirmation from the newspaper that indeed WFE will have a Berlin premiere with Rob in attendance! Note: no official confirmation has been made by Fox, however, the newspaper assures Fox has confirmed with them.

Water for Elephants opens in theaters in Germany April 28!



Rob & Olivia presented the Golden Globe for 'Best Foreign Film' to Brier 

Speaking on how nervous she was to have won, Brier said: “I’d very carefully written a speech, and I couldn’t even read it. What was worse, I did not kiss Robert Pattinson, and now my daughter is never going to speak to me again.”  Awww who wouldn't regret that ;)



Montreal Gazette:  Sunshine and blue skies will greet the gloomy Twilight cast - including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner - at Vancouver International Airport, where the stars are rumored to start arriving Sunday. According to reports, some Breaking Dawn actors will be flying into Hollywood North Sunday, and more of the bigger names on Monday, with filming beginning this week. Cameras will be rolling from this week at a yet-unknown Metro Vancouver location. Bella's house, which has been constructed in Surrey, has been decked out in Christmas decorations for an upcoming shoot. Filming will also take place at Jacob's red house in Port Coquitlam in the coming weeks. Other scenes will be filmed inside a local production studio. A recent report on Hollywoodlife.com leaked the news that cast will film in Vancouver on one day only: March 14, at an unnamed theatre for part of the day.
Mackenzie Foy (Reneesme), Mia Maestro (Carmen) & MyAnna Buring (Tanya) have already arrived!


Breaking Dawn Set Photos - The Cottage


Thanks to Malicious Mandy we have a first look at Edward & Bella's cottage:

“It looked just about finished, besides some final touches such as foliage, flowers and whatnot. It was perfect. Nestled amongst trees with the stone walls and the square chimney. Looked just about ready for filming!” 

Filming starts this week in Vancouver!

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