February 17th, 2011

New 'Cosmopolis' Production Info

Cosmopolis producer Paulo Branco reveals to Screendaily: "that there was now a confirmed shooting date for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis (sold by Kinology but produced by Branco) of May 24. Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche have also joined the cast"

Here's a link to Juliette's IMDb page

C7nema (rough translation) is also reporting Mathieu Amalric has joined the cast and Howard Shore will collaborate on the film...the Score possibly? Filming will commence on May 24 in Toronto, Canada, and will last for nine weeks. They also hint "soon new names involved with this project will be revealed"

Here's a link to Mathieu's IMDb page

We all know Howard Shore don't we? EXCITING!

Also, do we have an official Cosmopolis site up already?


Fan encounter with Rob in Baton Rouge (Kristen too)


Lindanne Lewis: "It was taken at the Kick off party in Baton Rouge in Oct (before halloween). I've met and talk with him twice. I saw him almost everyday when we were both working. He's gald that the final Twilight is over, now he want to move to others roles. Both of them are really cool people..both chain smoke like there's no tomorrow, but care for the cast and the crew. I will work around them both again...and Micheal Aills is Robert's stand in..omg..he looks  like Robert enough to be his twin! He is awesome!! Sooo easy to talk to...I saw him again during the wrap party. I met Kristen too. She is tiny and very shy..with a potty mouth..LOL!!! I work on the show in the paint dept. I painted the sets"