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February 15th, 2011


All the Rob & Kristen blogs/communities we follow do a fantastic job at tracking & sharing news, pics, etc. Many we value very much. But the reality is, (with all due respect) all of us are posting the SAME thing, the SAME way at the SAME time. I think we all share an inner desire to give our followers the best and promptly, but at the same time we need to be creative in our posting. Which is why I'm changing things up a bit.

 From now on we will only focus on posting news that are relevant or interesting, ie. new roles (even the rumored ones), projects, sightings, fan pics, fan accounts, mentions, articles from major news sources, etc. etc. and occasionally whatever we simply find cute, random or just plain for LULZ. 

I have this community because I'm a huge supporter of Rob and Kristen. I am not obsessed with them and I do not have daily rituals in their honor. I think they're amazing, talented, gorgeous and right now I'm very intrigued by them...that would best summarize why this community exists. I'm proud of what it has become and grateful to the people that follow us :0

"What is this gibberish?"

Old outtakes Japan photoshoot now in UHQ



The rest over at [info]pattinsonlife 
& cute enhanced black and white ones over at ToR


Rob & Sam Bradley Candid

April 2010 - Vancouver


source | via [info]rpattzlife


Robert Pattinson - Least Loved?


Amplicate ranks the most discussed highest paid actors in Hollywood to show how the Top 20  compare against each other in terms of public love, reach and absolute opinion. According to a recent poll, Jonny Depp is the most loved while Rob took the second to lowest position at #19.

Pfft...go show Rob some love and share your opinion here!




Wedding August/2010. These just keep re-appearing.
We posted a few from this day here.

 via | via



Gather:  Cynthia Steffe's Fall 2011 Fashion Week show last Sunday saw models sauntering down the runway with crimson-stained lips, pale porcelain skin and long, dark manes (all characteristic of Bella!). Although creative director of Cynthia Steffe, Shaun Kearney, wouldn't directly admit to channeling inspiration from Kristen Stewart and the blockbuster movie saga, he confessed that the show "did strike a mysterious mood similar to Twilight."

pic: source



Variety: "The Devil's Pool, from director James Lapine starring Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart, and "A Green and Quiet River," from Alain Choquart with Peter Sarsgaard and Naomie Harris, were just two of the projects proposed at this year's co-production market sponsored by the European Film Market"




Thanks to Algonquin Books we have a first glimpse at what the new WFE movie tie-in edition books look like. They are also sponsoring a sweepstakes for retail booksellers which inlcudes a trip for two to the world premiere of Water for Elephants. Definitely an exciting opportunity for anyone. Details HERE

The movie tie-in edition will be released March 1st


WFE behind the scenes teaser from ET


Entertainment Tonight aired a preview of their WFE on-set interviews with Rob and Reese.
The full segment will be aired tomorrow night on CBS at 7pm EST.  

youtube: source | thanks | via | screencaps

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