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February 14th, 2011


Here's the brief snap shot of her mention (season 4 episode 6):

"Outside, the obligatory father/daughter chat went down, but as always with Hank and Becca it felt more like a daughter/guy who can't get his life together chat. She remarked that she was supposed to be the one getting messed up and making bad decisions while Hank was supposed to be at home, watching TV with Karen, worrying instead of being the "poor man's Bukowski" he seemed to be aspiring to. Help arrived in an unlikely source, however, when Eddie gave Becca a thrill, suggesting that Kristen Stewart play her in the movie."

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New Breaking Dawn Set Photo - Isle Esme

(click for HQ)
"Happy Valentines from Isle Esme"


Snow White update


A production source assures Gossip Cop that Kristen is still “in negotiations” for Snow White. (...) "it’s simply a matter of whether the filmmakers and Stewart can sign off on an agreement"

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