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February 7th, 2011

Kristen outside The Today Show - June, 2010

Rob filming Remember Me - June 2009

thanks epnebelle :)


Vanity Fair photosoot w/Rob in the works?

UPDATE: This couldn't be more random! Related to VF? a new shoot w/the cast? No one knows...the plot thickens:
"After cleaning the fish with the help of Bryan Kraemer and Derrick Usea, who drive boats for the swamp tour, ZZ cooked his catch and served at the restaurant for special guests
the crew working on “Twilight” film series star Robert Pattinson’s photo shoot" hometoday.com | via

Hold that thought, there's more:

"Well Edward took pictures on my grandpas porch shed on Sunday!!! I didn't know he would be there, but seen pictures.. It felt good to see someone in a movie on grounds where I grew up!!!! My aunt and cousin met and toll pics with him!!! They are so lucky!!!" facebook | via


Annie Leibovitz + Vanity Fair = EPIC GORGEOUSNESS
Rob was photographed for VF in 2009 by Bruce Weber, we all know how those tuned out :)


(click for full size)

What I really want to know is whether they will be attending...




UK ONLY: ‘The Runaways’ is released on DVD TODAY and Grazia Daily has got a special treat:
Offering one of you lucky lot a copy of ‘The Runaways’ DVD +  £250 to spend at Topshop, too! To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the question below...
Which iconic rock star does Kristen Stewart play in ‘The Runaways’?
 Joan Jett
 Courtney Love
 Avril Lavigne

You need to sign up first in order to participate in this competition. 


Brazilian 'The Runaways' DVD Cover

Title will be released March 16, 2011
Available for pre-order on



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