February 5th, 2011

Lois Lane & Superman, the Kristen mentions continue


Whats Playing: As for whether or not Kristen Stewart tested - which her reps say she didn’t
“...I don’t know if she tested, but they were interested in her at one point. It was common knowledge. I think the conversations went mute when Snow White was put on the table - you can’t be chasing two projects of that size at the same time.”

Kristen's rep confirmed a few days ago she "has not been approached" for this film, if they were "interested" they should've at least approached her...can we turn the page now?

French release date for OTR set & is a screening at Cannes on the horizon?


With the hoopla of the new OTR stills by French site Paris Match, we overlooked a key mention in the accompanying article: "the French release date is already set for December 7, 2011, but the film is tipped for a move on the Croisette, although the final installation may not be completed by then"

Croisette is the main street in Cannes...hmm, a French site gets the first official stills, the first confirmed release date, could Cannes Film Festival be it's first showcase? :) 

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival runs from May 11-22.
So far only the opening night selection has been announced. We shall see!

translation: google | thx kstewangel for the heads up