February 3rd, 2011

LA Times | Will Kristen Stewart make a good Snow White?


...The hallmarks of the character, at least in the Brothers Grimm telling, is softness and vulnerability. Stewart has done vulnerability -- sort of -- in parts of the "Twilight" franchise. But her defining characteristic  has been toughness. Certainly that's been a part of the non-"Twilight" roles she's tackled, as hard-living rocker Joan Jett in "The Runaways" and as a troubled stripper in "Welcome to the Rileys." Will her Goth aspects mesh with the softness of a princess?

In a way, the Stewart casting evokes a reversal of the Rooney Mara-Dragon Tattoo problem. There people were asking if an actress was too soft for the part; here you could ask if she's too tough for it.

The new Snow White does reimagine the character as someone chained to the huntsman instead of set free by him, and, consequently, someone who must learn to fight her way out of trouble. Let's hope, for K-Stew's sake and ours, that means the part calls for more grit than it does soft smiles.

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FIRST LOOK: Kristen as Marylou in 'On The Road'


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After the death of his father, Sal Paradise, a young writer from New York, meets Dean Moriarty, a young and dangerously seductive rebel. The immediately click. Determined not to get stuck in a mediocre life, Sal and Dean hit the road. With a thirst for freedom, they explore the world
and travel to meet others and find themselves.

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Tom Sturridge praises Kristen + dishes on Garrett & OTR


Working with Stewart on On The Road was anything but terrible. "She's astonishing," Sturridge said. "I think she's genuinely an extraordinary actress, and she does things in the film that I've never seen her do. But also kind of never seen anyone do. Yeah, she was just brilliant."

On the Road, an adaptation of Jack Kerouac classic beat novel of the same name, also costars Sam Riley. "It was so weird," Sturridge said. "I remember the beginning when all of us were sitting at rehearsals looking at each other being like, 'How is this responsibility of this film sitting on our shoulders?'" Sturridge also revealed that he hasn't seen Hedlund's most recent flick, Country Strong. But he doesn't really have to. "Garrett has sung me all the Country Strong songs and acted out whole scenes for me so I feel like I've seen it," he said, laughing.



Tom mentions Rob in his interview w/Collider


 Tom, what was it about this character that attracted you to the project, besides you picking the script up off of your friend Robert Pattinson’s floor? "I don’t know how people are still holding onto this story. It’s not true. I said I was staying with a friend and I read the script, and people just went, “Well, he’s obviously only got one friend, so it must be Rob.” I was just staying with a girl and she happened to have a bunch of scripts, and I read it (...)"

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