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10:53 am: kstewrobfans Rumor: Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel Up for Lois Lane Role in Superman Reboot
11:26 am: kstewrobfans 'Welcome to the Rileys' DVD is out TODAY... - 1 comment
12:23 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen Stewart mention on the new Vanity Fair cover
07:35 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen one of AskMen.com 'Most Desirable Women' of 2011
09:24 am: kstewrobfans Tom says Kristen is an "extraordinary actress"
09:29 am: kstewrobfans NY Daily News reports Kristen met w/Superman director, but has "passed" on the role of Lois Lane
09:41 am: kstewrobfans Rob featured on the BAFTA promo poster
10:51 am: kstewrobfans Vanity Fair 'Hollywood's Top 40 Earners of 2010'
11:34 am: jcs_daydreamer NEW 'Water for Elephants' Poster
03:50 pm: kstewrobfans FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011
04:03 pm: kstewrobfans 'Waiting for Forever' script...did Tom really find it on Rob's floor? - 1 comment
06:46 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen's rep tells PEOPLE "she has not been approached" for Superman
07:13 pm: kstewrobfans 'Breaking Dawn' cast members impressed with Rob!
07:21 pm: kstewrobfans WFE & Breaking Dawn featured in EMPIRE magazine (UK)
08:15 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen in negotiations for 'Snow White'
10:55 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob EW Outtakes
10:59 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob, Lizzy and Lee candid
12:09 am: kstewrobfans LA Times | Will Kristen Stewart make a good Snow White? - 1 comment
12:24 pm: kstewrobfans FIRST LOOK: Kristen as Marylou in 'On The Road' - 2 comments
07:37 pm: kstewrobfans Tom Sturridge praises Kristen + dishes on Garrett & OTR
07:47 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob photo from Collectormania (2006)
07:58 pm: kstewrobfans Tom mentions Rob in his interview w/Collider
10:32 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen featured on the cover of GLAMOUR mag (US)
10:59 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' news, tweets & rumors
12:28 am: kstewrobfans Spanish WFE movie tie-in book cover + Sara Gruen's reaction to seeing the trailer on the big screen
02:56 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob Outtakes
11:16 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen Candids from NYC
11:20 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen earns double Tom Cruise's salary - 3 comments
11:30 pm: kstewrobfans Water for Elephants & Moulin Rouge - are there similarities?
12:01 am: kstewrobfans Lois Lane & Superman, the Kristen mentions continue
01:33 am: kstewrobfans French release date for OTR set & is a screening at Cannes on the horizon?
01:57 am: kstewrobfans New BTS Video of Kristen for VOGUE - 1 comment
11:16 am: kstewrobfans Comic-Con 2011: Summit to present new 'Breaking Dawn' Part 1 material?
11:23 am: kstewrobfans New 'Water For Elephants' Movie Poster
11:44 am: kstewrobfans Carter Burwell confirms Rob will play music in 'Breaking Dawn'
12:03 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' premiere date & location announced
12:42 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob pics with Andrew & Tom - 1 comment
12:53 pm: kstewrobfans Previously seen 'Speak' stills now HQ/Untagged
03:53 pm: kstewrobfans This is both funny & adorable - 3 comments
01:15 am: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob & Kristen Fan Videos from NYC
10:17 am: kstewrobfans Vanity Fair photosoot w/Rob in the works?
10:36 am: kstewrobfans WTTR DVD Featurette 'Creating the Rileys'
10:51 am: kstewrobfans Better quality BAFTA promotional poster featuring Rob
05:36 pm: kstewrobfans The Runaways Exclusive Clip + DVD Giveaway & Offer by Grazia Daily (UK) - 2 comments
06:35 pm: kstewrobfans Brazilian 'The Runaways' DVD Cover - 1 comment
02:37 pm: kstewrobfans Walter Salles spot-on in picking Kristen for 'On The Road'
02:43 pm: kstewrobfans Rob mention on '90210'
11:22 pm: kstewrobfans 'Remember Me' coming to SHOWTIME in April - 1 comment
11:41 pm: kstewrobfans Water for Elephants posters now in HQ
09:18 am: kstewrobfans Celebrities Turning 25 This Year
09:42 am: kstewrobfans Rob a most searched for on the internet
03:44 pm: kstewrobfans German 'Water for Elephants' Poster
11:12 pm: kstewrobfans Keira Knightley will not be in 'Cosmopolis' - 1 comment
11:40 pm: kstewrobfans Catherine Hardwicke mentions Rob & Kristen
12:01 am: kstewrobfans New Kristen EW Outtakes
10:25 am: kstewrobfans Kristin Scott Thomas talks about Rob
12:24 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen nominated for the Nickelodeon's 2011 Kids' Choice Awards
03:35 pm: kstewrobfans K-11 Production Update
03:48 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen's VOGUE cover outtake (HQ)
10:31 am: kstewrobfans 'Remember Me' hits theaters in Korea next week
10:40 am: kstewrobfans Kristen not on the BAFTA guest list yet
08:59 pm: kstewrobfans Latest on 'Water for Elephants'
09:03 pm: kstewrobfans Rumor has it Rob will actually sing in 'Breaking Dawn' - 1 comment
09:16 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen Stewart Run(a)way show turns up in NYC
09:22 pm: kstewrobfans Brazilian 'Water for Elephants' Poster
01:01 am: kstewrobfans New Rob Outtakes
05:43 pm: kstewrobfans Spanish 'Water for Elephants' Poster
12:22 pm: kstewrobfans James Franco mentions Rob
12:33 pm: kstewrobfans InStyle UK | BAFTA Redcarpet 2010
07:17 pm: kstewrobfans Fan pics of Rob & his family at the 'Eclipse' premiere - 1 comment
07:24 pm: kstewrobfans Harry Potter BAFTA Montage
01:37 am: kstewrobfans K-11 co-writer tweets about the film - 2 comments
10:39 am: kstewrobfans Kristen mention on Showtime's 'Californication'
10:58 am: kstewrobfans PopSugar '30 Most Memorable Movie Kisses'
03:52 pm: kstewrobfans New Breaking Dawn Set Photo - Isle Esme
04:11 pm: kstewrobfans Snow White update
11:21 am: kstewrobfans We're going to try something different here at PattinsonStew... - 12 comments
11:31 am: kstewrobfans Old outtakes Japan photoshoot now in UHQ
11:38 am: kstewrobfans Rob & Sam Bradley Candid
11:54 am: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson - Least Loved? - 1 comment
01:28 pm: kstewrobfans Another new Rob & Kristen photo from the wedding last August - 1 comment
02:34 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen & Twilight inspiring fashion designers everywhere
03:15 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen & Julianne Moore in new project called 'The Devil's Pool'? - 3 comments
03:32 pm: kstewrobfans FIRST LOOK: Water for Elephants movie tie-in edition books
08:42 pm: kstewrobfans WFE behind the scenes teaser from ET
09:03 am: kstewrobfans New/Old 'New Moon' BTS Stills
09:09 am: kstewrobfans OTR in Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo
09:29 am: kstewrobfans Cosmopolis movie preview by IndieMovies - 1 comment
09:56 am: kstewrobfans Bel Ami - What else is new?
11:16 am: kstewrobfans Alex Pettyfer mentions Rob
04:02 pm: kstewrobfans The Runaways playing in select theaters in Japan next month
06:48 pm: kstewrobfans ET Exclusive Interview w/Rob & Reese + BTS look at WFE - 3 comments
11:59 pm: kstewrobfans Latest on 'Breaking Dawn' - 1 comment
01:17 am: dizzymsslzzie 567 screencaps from ET's "Water for Elephants" segment - 2 comments
10:01 am: kstewrobfans New 'Cosmopolis' Production Info - 2 comments
10:11 am: kstewrobfans New fan pics of Kristen at a baseball game last September - 3 comments
01:33 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn filming wraps today in Baton Rouge
09:00 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob EW Outtakes
09:27 pm: kstewrobfans Fan encounter with Rob in Baton Rouge (Kristen too)
11:47 pm: kstewrobfans Russian 'Water for Elephants' Trailer
12:00 am: kstewrobfans WFE, Cosmopolis & Snow White featured in CINEMAGS (Indonesia)
03:17 pm: kstewrobfans Rob meeting with international press on WFE
10:56 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen arriving at LAX 2-18-11 - 2 comments
11:29 pm: kstewrobfans Roger Ebert names the 'Best Art Films' of 2010
11:18 pm: kstewrobfans Russian 'Water for Elephants' Posters
12:05 am: kstewrobfans Water for Elephants to have a Berlin premiere w/Rob in attendance - 3 comments
10:40 am: kstewrobfans Golden Globe winner Susanne Brier regrets not kissing Rob on-stage - 4 comments
06:48 pm: kstewrobfans BD cast members to arrive in Vancouver today & tomorrow
06:55 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen & Ashley photo BTS of 'New Moon' - 1 comment
06:59 pm: kstewrobfans OTR featured in Brazilian newspaper 'Rio Grande do Sul'
11:51 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn Set Photos - The Cottage
06:05 pm: kstewrobfans Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon is a Rob fan
09:21 am: kstewrobfans The Film Stage | Most-Anticipated Films of 2011
09:32 am: kstewrobfans Marcus talks BFFness with Rob - 1 comment
10:10 am: kstewrobfans Rob & Kristen arrive in Vancouver - 2 comments
02:08 pm: kstewrobfans 2nd Annual iVillage Entertainment Awards - 1 comment
06:34 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson BFF Day
06:59 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Fan Pics of Kristen during New Moon promos in Paris
12:16 am: kstewrobfans New Rob & Kristen Candid
12:29 am: kstewrobfans French WTTR DVD Cover & Release Date - 1 comment
12:07 pm: kstewrobfans FIRST LOOK Rob's APRIL Vanity Fair cover shoot + interview details
01:29 pm: kstewrobfans OTR at Cannes Film Festival? Guardian Film says it's possible
02:06 pm: kstewrobfans Second 'Water for Elephants' Trailer Coming
11:06 pm: kstewrobfans New Vancouver 'Breaking Dawn' Set Photo
11:47 pm: kstewrobfans German Water for Elephants TV Spot
09:44 am: kstewrobfans Amanda Seyfried is asked about Twilight by Justin Timberlake, mentions Kristen
10:03 am: kstewrobfans New Rob Interview w/the Daily Record? - 1 comment
09:23 pm: kstewrobfans German 'Water for Elephants' Movie Tie-In Edition - 2 comments
09:35 pm: kstewrobfans Upcoming films based on books coming out in 2011
09:59 am: kstewrobfans Jennifer Lawrence ('Winter's Bone') mentions Kristen...lacks facts - 5 comments
05:49 pm: kstewrobfans Brazilian 'Water for Elephants' Movie Tie-In Edition
11:10 pm: kstewrobfans Jackson Rathbone talks about Edward and Bella consummating the relationship in BD - 1 comment
12:07 am: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' News & Tweets
12:35 am: kstewrobfans Fading for a while - 4 comments

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