January 31st, 2011

Kristen Stewart is the #1 choice for 'Snow White'


HollywoodLife.com spoke to insiders connected to the movie to find out what they think of Kristen playing the lead. “It is Kristen’s part if she wants it, and can work it out in her schedule” says a source. And what about Selena Gomez and the other girls rumored to be trying out? “Everyone else is considered a back-up plan. It’s Kristen’s role to lose,” confirms another insider.


Rumor: Kristen as Lois Lane in the 'Superman' reboot?

Hollywood Insider
: "(...) there’s already a few actresses said to have either read or have been asked to read for the part....Kristen Stewart...Have heard her name mentioned in relation to the part for about a week now. I don’t think it’s going to happen though… too many other juicy offers on the tablet for the pretty Twilight actress"

Comic Book Movie: "Though several actresses has either expressed interest in playing Lane, or have been rumored to have read for the role, today's latest rumor via Gregory Littley, a Branding Consultant and Creative director who specializes in social media, has Twlight's Kristen Stewart in the mix:

As of now, take it with a grain of salt. Zack Snyder is set to direct Superman into theaters Mid-December next year, reportedly commencing production in August. via