January 27th, 2011

Kristen Stewart Being Courted for 'Snow White'


Last month THR reported that Kristen was one of the stars "initially considered for the role of Snow White", today they're reporting "The Twilight star is on the list for the role of Snow White in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman...Stewart is a name that Universal has kept coming back to since acquiring the project even as it went through a series of screen tests with actresses such as Riley Keough, Felicity Jones and Alicia Vikander. Emily Browning tested this past weekend (Stewart has reached a point in her career where testing isn't required) Charlize Theron is in negotiations to play the evil queen and Viggo Mortensen has entered negotiations to play the Huntsman...Stewart is arguably one of the biggest stars in the world...this would put her in the shoes of an iconic character. The Snow White team has been making repeated overtures even as late as last week" THR

Deadline is also reporting: "Stewart looms large as a potential lead"

"Universal has conducted screen tests with actresses such as Riley Keough, Felicity Jones, Alicia Vikander and Emily Browning, the studio has its heart set on Stewart (with no screen test required).....The film will begin shooting this summer with a Dec. 21, 2012, release date"  

"Stewart’s casting in this retelling of The Brothers Grimm story would mark her first major studio lead role outside of the Twilight franchise since it began and a departure from her less-mainstream indie fare as of late. Snow White and the Huntsman is one of three different Snow White movies in development" Screenrant

"...they’ve been testing various talents, but Universal is apparently to either secure the talents of a draw like Kristen Stewart or track down an unknown..they’ll have to find someone before summer, as the aim is to have the movie shooting then for a December 2012 release" Empire

"Kristen Stewart’s next step is an important one. Though a great actress, not enough people know that there’s more to KStew than Bella..." Moviehole

"We don't think the "Twilight" movies have been the best showcase of Stewart's talents and would welcome a chance to see her trying something big and different like "Snow White," since other than "Twilight" she's mostly been seen in indie films" Zap2It

"Kristen Stewart certainly has the looks to pull off playing Snow White on the big screen thanks to her dark hair, big eyes and milky complexion" MTV 

"If Kristen Stewart (who is still at work on the last Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn) came aboard, along with Mortensen and Charlize Theron — long rumored to be in negotiations to play the evil Queen — this Snow White project directed by Rupert Sanders is shaping up to have some major star power" EW

"As for Snow White herself, Universal has been doing a series of screen tests with several young actresses, but the name at the top of their wish list is Kristen Stewart. Stewart is currently filming the two Breaking Dawn movies, but Universal hopes to be able to get her to sneak Snow White and the Huntsman in during a break" Rotten Tomatoes

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'How To Be' showing on the Sundance Channel in February


Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT) stars in Oliver Irving's surreal comedy as a struggling musician who moves in with his emotionally distant parents after a break-up. Paralyzed by depression, Arthur seeks solace in new-age self-help books, particularly It's Not Your Fault by Dr. Levi Ellington (Powell Jones). To fully overcome his "quarter-life crisis," Arthur hires Dr. Ellington to act as his personal therapist, including close observation of Arthur's life with his dysfunctional parents. Audience Award winner at the New Orleans Film Festival.

Scheduled Times
Wednesday, February 2 9:40 AM
Wednesday, February 2 2:30 PM
Wednesday, February 2 5:35 PM
Thursday, February 10 8:15 AM
Thursday, February 10 12:30 PM
Thursday, February 10 4:45 PM
Friday, February 18 8:50 AM
Friday, February 18 1:25 PM
Wednesday, February 23 6:05 AM
Wednesday, February 23 12:00 PM

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Sightings: Rob causes a stir in Louisiana deli + has a boys night out w/the cast


People: He's busy filming Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge, La., but during a recent lunch outing at a local deli, Robert Pattinson ended up feeding his fans' appetites.  "A couple of girls who work in here are young … and they were absolutely star struck," a source at Maxwell's Market, where the actor dropped in for sandwiches, tells PEOPLE.  Pattinson is a repeat customer at the deli and, despite the attention he earned from the younger employees, the source says he's just like any other customer. "He's just a regular guy, and that's how we try to treat him," says the source.  During his most recent visit, Pattinson was accompanied by an unidentified male friend and "grabbed a couple of sandwiches and left," the source says. As for his costar, and off-screen love Kristen Stewart, she hasn't dropped by the deli … yet. "I haven't seen her in here," the source says. "But I'm keeping my eye out." 

Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Michael Sheen and a few of the other male cast members enjoyed a night of sushi and shots at Tsunami in Baton Rouge Jan. 25. A source inside the swanky restaurant says, “The boys got there around 9:30 pm and sat at a table, there were about 15 of them. They stayed until closing, sometime between 11:30ish or midnight. Rob sat next to Jamie and was pretty low key in a hoodie!” “A girl from a nearby table ordered them a round of lemon drop shots, and the bartender took it with them,” the source went on to say. “Rob was really nice and introduced himself to the bartender and seemed really happy and down-to-earth.” The cast headed home afterwards, save Jackson and Kellan.


Elizabeth Reaser's take on the Rob fandemonium & the new BD still


"It's a complicated situation," Reaser, who plays Esme in the Twi-franchise, told me while at Sundance's Bing Bar to promote indie flick Homework. "If you're going to be an actor and you don't want to do dinner theater and you want to do movies like this, it's a crazy risk."

She continued, "I know for me, you want people to watch you tell stories. There's some part of you that is somewhat of an exhibitionist... I'm not saying you want people to chase you down the street screaming and attacking you, but it's a price you have to pay, I think."

As for that steamy BD photo of Rob and Kristen Stewart, Reaser laughed, "At least everyone knows: OK, people are naked. Just in case the frenzy was dying down, just in case no one cared, here's a naked picture of Rob and Kristen."

On The Road co-star Alice Braga says Kristen is "phenomenal"


Kristen is adorable, and a phenomenal actress and I am a big fan of hers! But I don’t have a scene with her [in the movie]. All my scenes are with Sam Riley.” And although Alice, 27, didn’t film opposite Kristen, 20, she says, “I had the chance to meet her and it was amazing! She is a phenomenal actress, she is so young and has such an amazing career!”

Alice is impressed by Kristen’s career path so far. “I think the choices she makes in independent films working with upcoming directors helps her a lot. And then she moves to something as big as Twilight, it is really important to take those chances and do that, she loves cinema and she just does it!”

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