January 25th, 2011

New/Old Kristen interview for 'Friday' magazine during Eclipse promos in Berlin

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Kristen in the twilight

The hype about the vampire saga "Twilight" is not just a blessing for Kristen Stewart.

The Berlin Luxury hotel 'The Regent', Kristen Stewart shuffles into the room. "Hello", she says and raises her hand a bit unmotivated. Her voice sounds as if she's just smoked a cigarette. Her smile is just as shy as cool. She's wearing the light brown shoes unlaced, loose hair. Grey jeans and knotted jeans shirt. Dark nail polish. No socks. This woman is currently one of the biggest stars on the planet.

The Twihards admire her: Hardcore "Twilight" fans who have been waiting for hours in Berlin in front of the hotel to get a glimpse of Kristen. Yet still she has an image problem: Because Kristen doesn't smile very often on the red carpet and on photos, she's rated as conceited and chronically in a bad mood. "It affects me deeply when someone writes me I don't feel like doing all this. But it's not!" she says. She's just overwhelmed by the paparazzis and the fans. "The energy you get is overwhelming. And when I'm overwhelmed I feel so sensitive. And I go like this: zzzzzzt!" She does a gesticulation in front of her face. "The wall runs high."
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Breaking Dawn Set Update


NessieMackenzie has new/on-set details about Mackenzie and the Breaking Dawn cast, their source says:

"I just love the way Mackenzie lights up the room. If it’s been a long day and everyone’s tired, she shows up and you can tell the atmosphere changes. The fam scenes with Robert and Kristen will look amazing on screen. They have a special connection, you know. She looks so much like them and they enjoy working with her, so that makes it easy. They love joking around between takes. Specially with Robert, he loves using the ‘daughter’ thingy. I’ve heard he’s been teaching Mackenzie some words, with the accent and everything, so funny. Kristen has found someone to share her ‘Miley Cyrus’ obsession with. And they both love pets, so they have a lot to talk about. Cuteness everywhere. But everybody loves her, she’s pretty smart for her age. It’s good to have a kiddo on set."

The Food Network is aware Kristen Stewart loves them!


The Food Network: In a recent interview with Vogue, Kristen Stewart shared some interesting tidbits: The Twilight star enjoys playing golf and guitar, she’s reading Anna Karenina and her new hobby is cooking. The latter so much so that she’s known for watching Food Network with her signature “frown of concentration” on her face. “I’m such a dork,” she tells Vogue. Stewart did more than talk about her hobby, she prepared lunch for the interview: Tortilla Soup with assorted fixin’s, and pulled pork sandwiches. You can make Kristen Stewart’s Tortilla Soup — she shared her recipe with Vogue — though you might want to leave out the garlic if you’re making it for your, you know, undead friends.

Vampire who? Reese says Rob looks very different in WFE


During promos for her new film 'How Do You Know' in the UK, Reese talked to the
Daily Record:

"(...) She's also appearing with Robert Pattinson in Water For Elephants. And Reese, a huge fan of the Twilight films, is amused that the Brit is now a moody vampire pin-up. "It's so funny because he's really not a bad boy. He's just a great guy and he looks very different in our film," said Reese"