January 23rd, 2011

Rob aims to get Jeff Buckley role? Film producer says he's "keen" on the role

Rumors linking Rob to musician Jeff Buckley's biopic go back to 2009. While it's no surprise Rob is a fan of the musician, a new article published today by the Daily Express (UK) is bringing back the rumors. The article goes on to say:

A Hollywood insider said: “Rob is obsessed with this project and is doing everything he can to land the part.
“He has already told his business team this is his passion and they agree it could be the film that makes him a legitimate Oscar contender. The film’s producer Michelle Sy said: “I’ve met actors who are keen on the part and Robert was one.”

James Franco's interest in the role has been widely reported (there's also a big resemblance), but the article goes on to say:
"Other actors tipped to take Buckley’s role include James Marsden, who played Cyclops in the X-Men films, Blue Valentine star Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp"
To read what the musician's mother has to say about Rob being linked to this project go here. We shall see!



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RT @justinchon: headin to new orleans right now...oyster po boys an gumbo here i come...oh yeah and breaking dawn
@MichaelWelchAct: I'm off to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to work on a new film called Baking Nan.. wait, that's not it- It's called Raking Lawns.. No, hold on..

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