January 14th, 2011

WFE reshoots happening now and Rob is on set!



Fan Account: I had heard that Rob wasn't supposed to be apart of them. But OH MY GOSH, he was there and so was Reese and Tai! I will savor this memory forever and ever! They were filming a scene in which Jacob carries a umbrella carrying Marlena on his back through the mud. Over and over again. She is dressed in a cream colored circus costume with lots of sequins and feathers. He is wearing the beloved high boots, suspenders, brown pants, whitish shirt and a red striped tie. Dean (Rob's bodyguard) was there too.

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7 Most Scandalous Kisses In Award-Show History

A look back at the shocking, hilarious, most talked-about lip-locking in award-show history.

the almost kiss heard round the world...SIGH

7. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson almost kiss at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Twi-hards across the globe were bouncing up and down in anxious anticipation when Robsten took the stage to accept their award for "Best Kiss" in Twilight. They gazed at each other longingly. Rob moved in for the kill. This was it: the kiss fans had been waiting to publicly confirm their relationship! But then—Kristen stopped and turned back toward the audience, leaving Rob looking a little bewildered. "Thank you so much!" she said into the microphone, and the duo walked off stage without completing the lip-lock. What?! Blasted set-up. We should have known that quirky pair was going to break "Best Kiss" tradition. Sigh.



'Remember Me' - one of the most profitable movies of 2010


The Numbers.com has analyzed the crop of 2010 and has come up with their list of most the most profitable films for the year. Remember Me just makes it on the list of 30 films with a comparative profit of $20,996,644Other films that are included on this list are Toy Story 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

To read about their methodology and to view the entire list, please click here: 
Year in Review: Most Profitable Movies of 2010 - The Numbers.com

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