January 2nd, 2011

Rob at a pub in Isle of Wight


One onlooker told local reporters: ‘We were hoping they would come back to the pub again this year and when they walked through the door no-one could quite believe it. "They seemed like a really sweet, down to earth couple with no airs or graces. There was a live band playing and they were bopping along to the music and enjoying themselves" 

"Robert looked as if he was drinking some sort of short and then they went out on to the seafront for a while" Robert was dressed in a black hooded jumper and leather jacket and wore a black hat.  Kristen also rugged up in black, perhaps in an attempt to avoid attention and the couple's relaxed attire mirrored the informal celebrations. The couple seemed happy to chat to fans and posed for a picture with aspiring actress Hattie Bury.
 source | via [info]pattinsonlife

Rob & Kristen make Starlounge (Sweden) hottest list of 2010


2nd (Woman): Kristen Stewart was once again seen in the role of Bella in "Twilight. " But she has this year shown its versatility in the films "The Runaways", "Welcome to the Rileys" and "On the Road". Kristen is not the classic Hollywood beauty and recognizes that she is not particularly comfortable with the attention, but that Kristen has become such a big star show that there is no template for how to be to achieve success in the dream factory.

3rd (Man): Robert Pattinson's effort is the now 109-year-old vampire Edward Cullen in "Twilight" series of films, however, immortalized in his best years, have been girls around the world to make a pilgrimage to the theaters. Other Hollywood has seemingly Rob to thank for everything spelled vampire continues to be sexy and exciting instead of dead and scary. During the year, Rob has shown that he can more than play the vampire, and many were pleasantly surprised by his role in "Remember Me".

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