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01:21 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' featured in CIAK magazine (Italy) + Norwegian, Danish & Czech release date
01:29 pm: kstewrobfans PEOPLE.com article on 'Water for Elephants' w/previously seen stills & interview w/ Francis Lawrence
01:54 pm: kstewrobfans EMPIRE Magazine Best Dressed Movies of 2010
09:51 pm: kstewrobfans Joan Jett talks about Kristen in new interview
10:08 pm: kstewrobfans Rob's 'Bel Ami' double talks about auditioning for the role, fans on set & also mentions Kristen
11:21 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen Beauty: The red hot hair was a hit in 2010!
11:27 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson mention in the Disney channel 'Shake It Up'
10:02 am: kstewrobfans Rob at a pub in Isle of Wight
10:26 am: kstewrobfans New/Old autographed photo of Rob (Harry Potter days)
10:31 am: kstewrobfans Kristen featured in PEOPLE magazine 2011 Yearbook Edition
10:49 am: kstewrobfans Rob & Kristen make Starlounge (Sweden) hottest list of 2010
03:29 pm: kstewrobfans 'Breaking Dawn' cast heads back to Baton Rouge
10:10 am: kstewrobfans LA Times: Seven intriguing movie storylines for 2011
10:22 am: kstewrobfans EMPIRE Magazine The Big 2011 Preview
11:20 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen's seat assignment at the People's Choice awards - 5 comments
11:30 pm: kstewrobfans Entertainment Weekly 'Water for Elephants' stills in better quality (non-scan)
11:38 pm: kstewrobfans The Vine | Celebrities Who Sell Clothes
11:46 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob & Kristen photo from IOW - 3 comments
11:53 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen photos leaving 'The Runaways' premiere in NYC
12:11 am: kstewrobfans Rob makes the 2011 GQ 'Best Dressed' List
08:30 am: kstewrobfans The Yellow Handkerchief DVD is released TODAY - 5 comments
04:01 pm: kstewrobfans CONFIRMED Rob will join Kristen & Taylor at the 'Peoples Choice' awards
06:12 pm: kstewrobfans Rob to present at the Golden Globes
07:00 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob Outtakes 'Remember Me' promo shoot
01:10 am: kstewrobfans WFE featured in Australia's EMPIRE magazine
12:30 pm: kstewrobfans UK vote Rob & Kristen for the ELLE Style Awards
02:29 pm: kstewrobfans Peoples Choice Awards TONIGHT
06:35 pm: kstewrobfans BIG NEWS: Rob has a new project lined up!!! - 2 comments
02:11 am: kstewrobfans People's Choice Awards Compilation - 3 comments
08:38 am: kstewrobfans ELLE UK's 'Best Dressed' at Peoples Choice
08:42 am: kstewrobfans Lisa Veronica ('The Veronica's) tweets about Kristen
08:53 am: kstewrobfans HQ videos from 'Peoples Choice' awards + media coverage - 1 comment
09:20 am: kstewrobfans More details about Rob's next project 'Cosmopolis' (including script spoilers) - 3 comments
01:16 pm: kstewrobfans Peoples Choice awards covered by Spanish media + a PopSugar bonus for LOL
06:59 pm: kstewrobfans Promotional/Poster photo session for 'Breaking Dawn' in a few days? - 3 comments
07:12 pm: kstewrobfans Fan photos of Rob & Kristen at 'Peoples Choice' awards
07:19 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' stills now in HQ
11:26 pm: kstewrobfans Wyck Godfrey talks 'Breaking Dawn' with USA Today - update from Baton Rouge *spoilers* - 1 comment
02:08 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen Beauty: How to get Kristen's hair look for the 'Peoples Choice' awards
02:14 pm: kstewrobfans Forbes | Hollywood's Top-Grossing On-Screen Couples
02:31 pm: kstewrobfans Composer Carter Burwell will score for 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' - 2 comments
02:55 pm: kstewrobfans 2 New 'Water For Elephants' Stills
03:25 pm: kstewrobfans FabSugar looks at the fashionable attendees of the Peoples Choice awards including Kristen
03:40 pm: kstewrobfans CNN | Ten films to look forward to this year
03:59 pm: jcs_daydreamer UHQ 'Water for Elephants' Stills! - 1 comment
10:11 pm: kstewrobfans Garrett Hedlund talks 'On The Road' and comments on Kristen's cooking
10:20 pm: kstewrobfans Article about Rob and 'Cosmopolis' featured in The Guardian newspaper (UK)
10:30 pm: kstewrobfans Rob gets well-wishes from Colin Farrell regarding 'Cosmopolis'
06:24 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen to be on the February cover of VOGUE?
10:26 am: kstewrobfans POTW!
10:41 am: kstewrobfans Latest on Rob's next project Cosmopolis - shooting schedule & location + promo poster from Cannes
10:50 am: kstewrobfans Bryce Dallas Howard talks about Rob to the Daily Mail
12:19 pm: kstewrobfans Actor Colin Firth mentions Twilight
12:35 pm: kstewrobfans 'What Just Happened' to hit cinemas in Mexico on January 14
06:56 pm: kstewrobfans Rare/Old Rob Photos - 5 comments
07:05 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob Outtakes
08:21 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' news & tweets
08:48 am: jcs_daydreamer Robert Makes GQ's "Week In Style" List
12:19 pm: kstewrobfans Could Rob have been "hanging" with Zac Efron in Baton Rouge?
12:29 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen makes Harpers Bazaar list of the 'Best Dressed' of the week
01:30 pm: jcs_daydreamer 'Bel Ami' Fan Movie Tie-In Book Featuring Robert Pattinson (Italy)
08:52 pm: kstewrobfans Hollywood's 10 Great Kissers - #8 Robert Pattinson - 3 comments
09:10 pm: kstewrobfans InStyle Hair Look of the Day
09:26 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob pics from Cannes 2009
12:47 pm: kstewrobfans Ashley Greene talks 'Breaking Dawn' and officially having Kristen in the Cullen family
03:02 pm: kstewrobfans No Golden Globes for Kristen but possibly the Oscars?
03:53 pm: kstewrobfans OTR & The Runaways featured in ELLE Brazil
08:53 pm: dizzymsslzzie 5300 HD Kristen screencaps from "Welcome to The Riley's"
11:49 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' re-shoots next week! - 1 comment
08:46 am: kstewrobfans Sam Riley talks about Kristen to the Guardian (UK) - 1 comment
09:04 am: kstewrobfans New/Old fan photos at the New Moon premiere in London
06:02 pm: kstewrobfans FIRST LOOK at Rob & Kristen in 'Breaking Dawn' - 5 comments
10:47 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn: Scoop from the set in Baton Rouge
10:39 am: kstewrobfans Entertainment Weekly Scans
10:51 am: kstewrobfans New Rob, Reese & Tai 'Water for Elephants' still featured in this week's EW
12:09 pm: jcs_daydreamer Robert Pattinson Featured on Golden Globes Main Site!
02:55 pm: jcs_daydreamer Kristen Stewart in the February Issue of VOGUE!! - 18 comments
03:44 pm: kstewrobfans FIRST LOOK: 'Water for Elephants' movie tie-in edition
04:00 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen pics at the 100Monkeys show in Vancouver (2009) - 5 comments
08:06 pm: kstewrobfans ELLE profiles the 'Most Wanted' portraits
08:12 pm: kstewrobfans WFE poster spotted at a theater in San Francisco
02:11 pm: kstewrobfans WFE reshoots happening now and Rob is on set!
02:17 pm: kstewrobfans 'Bel Ami' has a French release date
02:36 pm: kstewrobfans 7 Most Scandalous Kisses In Award-Show History
03:16 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen to attend the Golden Globes? - 2 comments
04:19 pm: kstewrobfans 'Remember Me' - one of the most profitable movies of 2010
04:28 pm: kstewrobfans HQ scans of Kristen's VOGUE cover
09:01 pm: jcs_daydreamer Entertainment Tonight Mentions Robert In Golden Globes Seating Chart Info (HQ Video)
01:16 am: kstewrobfans MORE Rob photos from the Water for Elephants reshoots today
01:55 am: kstewrobfans Most Promising Films of 2011
11:28 am: kstewrobfans Latest 'Breaking Dawn' News & Tweets
11:54 am: kstewrobfans New/Old pics & video of Rob & Kristen filming in Lapa (Brazil)
12:01 pm: kstewrobfans MORE photos of Rob on the WFE set yesterday - 1 comment
03:24 pm: kstewrobfans LA Times profiles 'Water for Elephants'
06:08 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob Outtakes
06:37 pm: kstewrobfans Golden Globes Update: Rob is presenting with... - 1 comment
10:56 am: kstewrobfans Kristen Stewart should be given recognition for 'The Runaways' - GOOD READ!
11:11 am: kstewrobfans New HQ/Untagged Photos of Rob on the 'Water for Elephants' set
12:47 pm: kstewrobfans 2011 Golden Globes Awards
01:38 pm: jcs_daydreamer UHQ Breaking Dawn Still: Edward and Bella! - 3 comments
06:33 pm: kstewrobfans Rob arriving at the WFE reshoots set this morning
06:42 pm: kstewrobfans Golden Globes Master Post - 2 comments
10:02 pm: kstewrobfans Peter Facinelli talks Kristen shooting scenes as Vampire Bella in 'Breaking Dawn'
10:08 pm: kstewrobfans Rob explains his ginger hair at the Golden Globes, talks Breaking Dawn & WFE
10:24 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson drinks a Golden Globe beer & does his best Pepe Le Pew
10:46 pm: kstewrobfans Rob's interview with MTV at the Golden Globes
11:19 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson: Most Stylish & Best Dressed at the Golden Globes
11:29 pm: kstewrobfans Looks like Rob & Garrett Hedlund had some chatting opportunities at the Golden Globes
12:26 am: kstewrobfans Garrett Hedlund says sweets things about Rob to MTV
12:32 am: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen & Taylor interview during Eclipse promos in Sweden - 3 comments
12:46 am: kstewrobfans MORE 'Water for Elephants' Set Photos!
10:17 am: kstewrobfans Rob makes the after-party circuit for the Golden Globes - 1 comment
10:24 am: kstewrobfans All-in-one Rob's interview w/MTV at the Golden Globes
10:43 am: kstewrobfans Rob talks to Access Hollywood at the Golden Globes - 1 comment
10:54 am: kstewrobfans Um yeah...new Rob outtakes
11:17 am: kstewrobfans Rob is seriously funny says Olivia Wilde
05:42 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson shows off new red hair at Golden Globes
06:05 pm: kstewrobfans Media in SPAIN covers Rob presenting at the Golden Globes
06:10 pm: kstewrobfans Olivia Wilde & Rachael Zoe talk about Rob to PopSugar
06:24 pm: kstewrobfans Rob & Bill Condon talk to LA Times about the Twilight finale - "the end of an era"
07:30 pm: kstewrobfans Rob talks to Extra on the Golden Globes red carpet
09:14 pm: kstewrobfans Queen Latifah talks about her Twilight cast encounter at the Peoples Choice Awards - 1 comment
12:32 am: kstewrobfans Kristen VOGUE outtakes & behind the scenes video
12:54 am: kstewrobfans VOGUE profiles Kristen's 'Most Fashionable' moments on the red carpet!
08:54 am: kstewrobfans Kristen Stewart's Tortilla Soup Recipe Previewed by VOGUE
10:11 am: kstewrobfans 'Welcome to the Rileys' DVD & Blu-Ray Covers
11:10 am: dizzymsslzzie 870 screencaps from Kristen's VOGUE photochoot video - 4 comments
12:04 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen's VOGUE Cover Shoot - What People Are Saying
01:18 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' news, tweets & rumors
04:55 pm: kstewrobfans VOGUE photoshoot hair stylist compliments Kristen & shares tips on re-creating her look
06:41 pm: kstewrobfans E! News Now talks about Kristen's VOGUE cover
08:38 pm: kstewrobfans VOGUE reporter Eve McSweeney answers 5 Kristen Stewart questions!
08:49 pm: kstewrobfans TIME | Top 10 British Invasions
10:49 am: kstewrobfans Rob at the Golden Globes & WFE featured in various magazines in Spain - 2 comments
11:05 am: kstewrobfans Official 'Water for Elephants' International Trailer
11:44 pm: kstewrobfans Marion Cotillard leaves 'Cosmopolis'! Who will be Rob's new co-star...Keira Knightley?
11:49 pm: kstewrobfans 2 New Rob Outtakes
12:02 am: kstewrobfans Screen Junkies | 10 Best Female Actresses of 2010
12:08 am: kstewrobfans Official 'Water for Elephants' Site is Up!
08:37 am: kstewrobfans New 'Bel Ami' Still
12:48 pm: kstewrobfans More videos of Rob at the Golden Globes
01:07 pm: kstewrobfans Proenza Schouler SS 2011: Who wore it best?
01:25 pm: kstewrobfans A few more WFE set photos + Francis Lawrence updates us on the editing progress
01:36 pm: kstewrobfans Garrett talks kisses with Kristen in OTR, says release likely end of year early 2012
01:42 pm: kstewrobfans Latest WFE still now in HQ - 1 comment
03:46 pm: kstewrobfans Civil Twilight vocalist Steven McKellar talks resemblance to Robert Pattinson - 2 comments
10:23 am: kstewrobfans Sexy at the Golden Globes - New photos
10:38 am: kstewrobfans Alice Braga & Steve Buscemi talk 'On The Road'
10:51 am: kstewrobfans Total Film Magazine Scans
11:07 am: kstewrobfans New/old Rob fan photos from the 'Remember Me' premiere in London
08:10 pm: kstewrobfans Official Breaking Dawn Title Treatment Revealed
08:40 pm: kstewrobfans Rob & Kristen's 'Most Wanted' portrait on display at Richard Phillips' studio
08:51 pm: kstewrobfans Who should play Rob's leading lady in Cosmopolis?
09:20 pm: britneyrocks26 German "Water For Elephants" Trailer - 2 comments
11:28 pm: kstewrobfans Rob at the Golden Globes featured in Vanity Fair Italy & Us Weekly
11:37 pm: kstewrobfans Rob & Reese's sweet embrace in the latest WFE set pics featured in US Weekly
07:44 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' poster on display in NYC
07:57 pm: kstewrobfans Rob, Kristen & the Twi cast sign Eclipse DVD to benefit ALS in Louisiana
09:34 pm: kstewrobfans WTTR to screen at Sedona Film Festival
09:49 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob Photo (2008) - 3 comments
02:10 pm: kstewrobfans Rob aims to get Jeff Buckley role? Film producer says he's "keen" on the role - 5 comments
06:01 pm: kstewrobfans More cuteness from the Golden Globes
06:48 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' news, tweets, sightings & rumors - 1 comment
07:30 pm: kstewrobfans Small WFE & Rob mention in Austrian newspaper - 3 comments
09:14 pm: kstewrobfans Picture of the week - 4 comments
01:18 pm: kstewrobfans Richard Phillips shares w/Vanity Fair the concept behind Rob's 'Most Wanted' painting
01:35 pm: kstewrobfans 'Water for Elephants' featured on EW's Spring Preview
05:48 pm: kstewrobfans Screen Junkies | 10 Great Movies of 2008 - 1 comment
05:53 pm: kstewrobfans BAFTA Orange Wednesdays Rising Stars 2010 - What happened next?
06:02 pm: kstewrobfans Quick snippet of Rob on TV Guide's red carpet coverage - 2 comments
07:07 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old Rob interview during 'New Moon' promos in Paris
07:17 pm: kstewrobfans A few more new/old fan pics of Rob at the 'Remember Me' premiere in London
07:30 pm: kstewrobfans Charlie Bewley talks about Rob, Kristen & little Mackenzie at Sundance
08:01 pm: kstewrobfans Elizabeth Reaser praises Kristen's acting in 'Breaking Dawn'
09:14 pm: kstewrobfans New Fan Videos from PCAs
09:35 pm: kstewrobfans Rob & Kristen's IMDb STARmeter rankings this week
10:52 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson as Jeff Buckley would be excellent casting - 5 comments
09:16 am: kstewrobfans Actor Scott Caan doesn't know who Robert Pattinson is - 4 comments
09:30 am: kstewrobfans New/Old Kristen interview for 'Friday' magazine during Eclipse promos in Berlin
11:39 am: kstewrobfans Elizabeth Reaser talks about Kristen's "transformation" in Breaking Dawn & a lot more at Sundance - 3 comments
09:18 pm: kstewrobfans Old Kristen candids now in HQ
09:31 pm: kstewrobfans Breaking Dawn Set Update
09:53 pm: kstewrobfans The Food Network is aware Kristen Stewart loves them! - 1 comment
11:51 pm: kstewrobfans Vampire who? Reese says Rob looks very different in WFE - 2 comments
12:27 am: kstewrobfans Water for Elephants special screening in Seattle + Colombia & Peru release dates
07:34 pm: kstewrobfans Robert Pattinson's Style - Most Improved! - 1 comment
12:02 am: kstewrobfans Kristen Stewart Being Courted for 'Snow White'
12:33 am: kstewrobfans Elizabeth Reaser talks about Kristen & Breaking Dawn w/PopSugar
11:23 am: kstewrobfans Georgie Henley ('Narnia') Inspired by Kristen - 2 comments
11:35 am: kstewrobfans 'How To Be' showing on the Sundance Channel in February
12:34 pm: kstewrobfans Sightings: Rob causes a stir in Louisiana deli + has a boys night out w/the cast
03:26 pm: kstewrobfans Elizabeth Reaser's take on the Rob fandemonium & the new BD still
04:26 pm: kstewrobfans Paul Giamatti talks 'Cosmopolis' & Robert Pattinson - 1 comment
09:09 pm: kstewrobfans On The Road co-star Alice Braga says Kristen is "phenomenal" - 1 comment
09:31 pm: kstewrobfans Italian 'Water for Elephants' Trailer
06:42 pm: kstewrobfans New/Old DakotaStew Outtakes from Sundance 2010
06:52 pm: kstewrobfans Latest in 'Breaking Dawn' news & tweets
07:01 pm: kstewrobfans 2 New 'Eclipse' BTS Videos
07:10 pm: kstewrobfans The Runaways premieres on STARZ in February!
09:15 pm: kstewrobfans Sneak Peek into the 'Water for Elephants' Score process
11:30 pm: kstewrobfans French 'Water for Elephants' Trailer
11:41 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen Beauty: VogueStew featured on Oribe.com
10:34 am: kstewrobfans Box Office Mojo 2011 Movie Preview: 10 Misc. Contenders
09:45 pm: kstewrobfans New Rob candid from 2008 + others now hq/untagged
10:27 pm: kstewrobfans Sam Bradley mentions Rob in new interview
10:19 am: kstewrobfans Pics of Kristen on display in NYC restaurant - 1 comment
08:43 pm: kstewrobfans 'Breaking Dawn' ramps up security in Vancouver
09:01 pm: kstewrobfans Holliday Grainger talks about 'Bel Ami' and working w/Rob
10:25 am: kstewrobfans Spanish 'Water for Elephants' trailer
12:28 pm: kstewrobfans Rob voted a most desirable celeb husband - 1 comment
01:29 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen Stewart is the #1 choice for 'Snow White'
07:54 pm: kstewrobfans Rob arriving at Celtic Studios today
08:02 pm: kstewrobfans Rumor: Kristen as Lois Lane in the 'Superman' reboot? - 1 comment
09:04 pm: kstewrobfans BTS pics of Rob in 'The Summer House' - 1 comment
10:09 pm: kstewrobfans Kristen feature on BAFTA.org - 3 comments

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