October 28th, 2010

Make-Up Muse: Kristen Stewart


Ruby red lips, dark smokey eyes and a lifted hairdo meant Kristen Stewart dazzled on the carpet for the screening of her latest movie, Welcome To The Rileys. A world away from the grounded lo-fi of Adventureland and the teen gothic glamour of Twilight, Kristen's new look is much more lifted, much more refined and a lot less grunge than we're used to.

Blessed with a perfect but pale complexion Kristen keeps the base natural and the details well defined. As the contrast between the eyes and lips are really what does the work here the effect is calm and sophisticated without being too cold or flat.

As this is much more of a red carpet look than we're used to from Kristen her sharp ruby lips are the real touch that brings out the glamour.

The hair is lifted enough but not too much and though you wouldn't know from the photos we are reliably informed the nail polish is jet black and very, very matte. As refined as it is you can take the girl out of Twilight but not the Twilight out of the girl? We love this look ! 


French Release Date for Bel Ami


According to Allocine, Bel Ami  will be released in France on May 18, 2011

Cinema Release Date: May 18, 2011
Directed by Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod
Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, more
Genre: Various
Production year: 2011
Distributor: Studio Canal
Synopsis: The social rise of Georges Duroy, a daring and seductive man, employed in the office of Northen Railway, which reaches the top of social pyramid in Paris with his mistresses and journalism

thanks to belladouce for the heads up :)

Jake Scott interview w/Boston Globe, explains why he refused to show the pole dancing scene in WTTR


On Welcome to the Rileys:
“I came to it as a father,’’ says Scott, who, with his wife, Rhea, has four children ranging from 5 to 16 years old. “I was fascinated by the idea that these conservative Midwestern people are contending with something that’s impossible to imagine. And they go on this journey to this place that is completely opposite to their world and connect with someone who is so horribly damaged.’’

On why he drew away from showing the pole dancing scene:
While filming the movie, Scott was concerned about exploiting Stewart’s character by including gratuitously sexy scenes of her in the strip club. There was, he says, pressure to depict her pole dancing, but he adamantly refused.  “It was very hard to explain to them — I understand why they wanted it — Kristen Stewart, who’s got a bum like an apricot swirling around on a pole,’’ he says. “I thought it would destroy the character and disrespect people who have lost children. It would be an immoral act.’’

Read Jake's full interview at the
Boston Globe!

Kristen's Interview with Time Out New York



Kristen Stewart is often painted as one of Hollywood’s most awkward starlets—painfully shy, ill-suited to the spotlight and, for better or worse, entwined with the Twilight saga and her embodiment of its romantic heroine, Bella Swan. In Welcome to the Rileys, the 20-year-old actor plays Mallory, a teenage runaway stripper who forms a fast, intense bond with the grief-stricken Doug (James Gandolfini), who lost his daughter in a fatal accident. Together they create an ad hoc family only slightly more dysfunctional than most. We spoke with Stewart about Twilight, Rileys and hanging out in strip clubs.

You seem very attracted to roles in which you play someone who is defiant, constantly fighting for something—emotionally, physically. What is Mallory fighting for the hardest?
I think she’s just trying to survive. She’s had a rough upbringing, which has taken something from her on a really basic level. It’s hard for a young girl in the normal world, but put her on the streets…she doesn’t realize that she does actually need people, that she needs to have a capacity to trust, accept and love other people. She sees and tastes that with Doug, realizes she can have it, and she’s not dead yet.

You shot this film between Twilight and New Moon, before Twilight had even been released, and you were still very young. Did you feel ready to play a runaway stripper at that point in your life?
I think I was 16 or maybe freshly 17 when I first read [the script for Welcome to the Rileys]. I was really intimidated, and I’m really glad that the film took the time that it did to find its legs, because I wasn’t in the position to play the part [then]. I wouldn’t have jumped into it as much. I would have been afraid of it.

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Variety reports Bill Condon has a solution for the Reneesme aging concerns + Mackenzie in BD2?


Though director Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls") has a solution up his sleeve to smooth fans' issues with the controversial character, Renesmee remains an unusually fast-growing infant, which explains how she will come be played by an actress Foy's age, most likely in the second installment of the two-part finale.

"We have found in Mackenzie all of the qualities we were looking for in an actress to fill the role of Renesmee," says "Twilight" producer Wyck Godfrey. "She is a very talented young actress who emerged head and shoulders above all who auditioned for the part, and we can't wait to see what she brings to her role."

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