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Rough Translation by SR:
We are in summer 2001. Tyler (Robert Pattinsonof “Twilight” movie star), the New York City students still could not process the tragedy, which has infected his father’s relationship. Then became acquainted with Ally (Emilie de Ravin, Lost – Lost), who share the pain. Tyler’s everything you want, just do not love, but passionate relationship with both of them realize that maybe even he meglelheti path to happiness. Remember me the unforgettable story of the power of the heart, the family’s power and its importance to appreciate each day, which was given in life.

Length: 108 minutes
Posted: 2010th November 11
Price: 2.990 Ft

Picture: 16:9
Sound: Hungarian, English (5.1)
Subtitle: Hungarian
Extras (Hungarian subtitles)

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